Straw Maze

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Straw Maze

The Burley Straw Maze is setup and awaiting your arrival! We extend our challenge for you to come test your skills and try your luck at the new straw maze design using over 1,200 straw bales! We offer the regular straw maze during the week and the haunted straw maze on weekend nights during October. The maze is the same, we only have one maze, but the spooks begin on the weekends after dark. We are open through November 1, but the maze will not be haunted on November 1. The last day of the Haunted Maze will be October 31.

We’ll confuse you, spook you if you want, but most of all, we just want you to come out and have a good time.  Bring your family and friends and come enjoy this fall activity!

Get directions to the maze or see the maze’s hours & pricing!

What to Expect at the Straw Maze

When looking at the Burley Straw Maze, you may think that it looks rather small in size…well, compared to a corn maze, it is.  The Burley Straw Maze sits on 1-2 acres, whereas a corn maze is typically 10-15 acres.  Although the straw bale maze is about one-tenth of the size of a corn maze, it is more challenging and still takes an average of 30-45 minutes to make it through.

Some challengers are a little more on top of their maze game and make it through in around 15-20 minutes.  Whatever the case, we allow everyone to go through the Burley Straw Maze as many times as they want on the regular straw maze nights.  On the Haunted Straw Maze nights, we allow everyone to go through once, but expect the average time to complete the maze to increase!
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